Professional dancer? Nightclub DJ? Music festival or party manager? We are happy to welcome you at light up craft website.We specialize in various light up clothing&accessories,led toys and clubber's favorites,especially for professional music,dance,film,TV,and advertising industries that use new LED,EL,and FIBER OPTIC materials.That will simply impress your audience.

We can make costume of any complexity and designs.It depends just on how much time do we have and what materials we will use.Our company works with many top companies at EDM scene.We use only modern technologies and materials satisfy our clients with LED and illuminated stuff and to make his show become unforgettable and exclusive.

Our team keeps developing new products to catch up the trend and strive to offer the latest fashions of light up crafts with good customer service.We are a group of modern people who pursuing fashion and healthy, have the unique annotation to life and wear as our pleasure. Where we live is the prosperous big city which cultivate us the acute insight to objects and therefore, our taste is outstanding. We strive to create a variety of options for different people.

We'd like provide first-class products and service to each client.With the pursuit of "Quality First, Modern Popularization",i believe we will be your reliable partner.

Our Values

We are PASSIONATE.About our products,our brands,and our people.We are FANS,not critics.We are SUPPORTIVE and KIND,both externally and internally,We are POSITIVE.We start with "YES" and always think "HOW" and not "CAN'T".We COLLABORATE in hopes of building a brighter world today with our partners,co-workers,and audience.We welcome CHANGE.We move FAST and are not afraid to fail.We love to WIN,but we value OUR TEAM more than the prize,We root for each other and seize all opportunities to say CHEERS.