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Light Up Electro Hoodie

 Light Up Electro Hoodie

NAME: Light Up Electro Hoodie

MODEL: Light Up Electro Hoodie

Light up electro hoodie

El wire strip color:aqua,pink,lime,purple,red,green,blue,white,yellow,orange
(el wire meet fabric colors)
3-mode 2AA battery pack:solid on,slow flashing,fast flashing
Blink to the beat with 2AA/2AAA sound activated battery pack
Controlled hides inside inner customized small pocket

Regular hoodie by day
Light up hoodie by night
Lit by high quality super bright el wire

Light up hoodies are great for festival,party,rave and club.You will be the super star by wearing the awesome light up hoodies.

*Exquisite workmanship:precise drawing and sketch to check before real production
*Factory directly price
*OEM service:be customized as pictures,drafts or samples
*Material,color,size,logo and style can be customizing according your requirement
*Attractive,comfortable and durable

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